El Coach  - My Mission: BE AUTENTIC

Fernando Gabriel Simone

(Buenos Aires/Berlin)

Welcome! - Bienvenido!


Thank you for visiting my coaching site!

My main interest is to meet people like you on an equal footing, on a level where we can get to know each other thoroughly.


A relationship quality, based on mutual understanding and trust is the core of my coaching work, for me a job for life! Your concern and your person are therefore the central theme of my work.


Ask me in this regard at any time without compromise!


 My knowledge

• Diploma Media Consultant (TU Berlin) 

Focus: Media and Communication Psychology, Music and Media Economics

• Diploma Lawyer (Universidad Buenos Aires UBA - approved as consultant for Germany). 

Focus: Copyright and media law (publishing and contract law)

• Certified Coach (QRC Association, according to ISO / IEC 17024)

• Systemic Coach (Certified BTA)

• Communication & Conflict Manager (Certified IFM)

• Master NLP (DVNLP certified)

• Certified Mediator (ZMMediaAusbV)

• Intercultural Manager (WSP TU-Berlin)

• Team Trainer (WSP TU-Berlin)

• Innovation Manager (according to VDI)

• Music Producer, Composer and Manager (Tango, World Music)

• Professional Speaker, Moderator, Journalist and Radio Producer (RBB, Multicult-FM)

• Shamanism (Core Shamanics after FSS, Mbya-Guarani and Celtic)