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-Discover your genius

-Wake it with passion and love
-Integrate him in your activities ...and

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El Coach Autentico

intercultural and creative coaching - BRINKO: jump ahead!

Coaching - Training - Workshops


As a coach and communication trainer, I offer professional coaching and training with a focus on creativity, dynamic development and interculturality.

My working method is based on the humanistic and systemic foundation and is always solution-oriented: every person is complete and has all the potential to achieve his goals and visions. In the relationship with my clients, I build on this fact, promoting self-awareness and fulfilment through appreciation, trust and understanding. This is of central importance to me for meaningful cooperation



Coaching and training for you and your company
- integral, activating, intercultural, creative


As a professional coach and communication trainer, I offer a versatile variety of models and solutions. My goal is to enable the interests and needs of your company or institution to be fulfilled. I support you in the realization of your visions. For me that is a personal and creative incentive and at the same time my most important task. As your companion in partnership, I will back you “on board” with innovative tools and expertise to help you rediscover your strengths and your creativity. You will then use your new resources purposefully and effectively, reaching your "haven" of success and fulfilment.


My experience: intercultural and creative understanding


Through my seventeen years of working with institutions, leaders and companies at the international level, I have gained access into the needs and behavioural codes of very different reference groups. My "experience portfolio" also includes a familiar and fruitful activity with cultural institutions, embassies, agencies and cultural workers from different migration milieus. I incorporate this multicultural experience and expertise into an "integral coaching system" in which the factors of functional integration, inner self-awareness and intercultural understanding play a crucial role.

According to scientific studies from psychological research, on average 70% of all business relationships in Germany and abroad fail due to a lack of intercultural knowledge.

(Source: Psychology Today, 12/2009, page 46 | Category: Intercultural competence).

Recently, the German channel Deutsche Welle also reported on the urgent need for diversity management in Germany due to the rapid development of intercultural economic relations in a globalized world.

 In addition, I support my clients with a migration background on the way to a healthy balance between family and working life ("work-life balance").



My specialty: The communication codes of the Spanish world and Latin America


The number of people speaking Spanish as their mother tongue has risen considerably in Germany over the last fifteen years. In addition, the interest in the Spanish language and culture in the German population is very large and is experiencing an upward trend.

For native speakers, a primary support in their own language by a competent coach is crucial. Thus, their needs, desires and goals can be correctly recorded or their knowledge of the local mentality and social form lit and reservations can be bridged, so that the process of integration for them easier.


With my coaching I also speak to entrepreneurs, freelancers and other interested parties with Latin American and Spanish background targeted, who are not yet able to express themselves in German business fluent and z. B. to handle the modalities in dealing with authorities.

For years, I have been successfully working as a coach, trainer and consultant for these target groups. Not only the command of the language but also applied communication and conflict management techniques play a decisive role. 


For German and non-native


... I can facilitate the access to the Spanish world and the understanding of the Spanish and Latin American lifestyle: Many Germans have commercial, institutional or cultural relations with people or companies from the Spanish-speaking world, travel there regularly and need help for an appropriate Dealing with them. In such cases, I assist and accompany them in their projects, in finding solutions and in overcoming the cultural challenges at home or on the ground.


On the other hand, as already mentioned, Spanish native speakers are more numerous in Germany than ever before. Many of them do business and start businesses nationwide. In particular, this phenomenon can be seen in the example of the numerous Spanish creative and gastronomes in the German capital. These people are an important business potential for those who are interested not only in the culture, temperament and well-known fluency of the Iberians and Latin Americans, but also in the discovery of an exciting niche market.


My knowledge

• Diploma Media Consultant (TU Berlin) 

Focus: Media and Communication Psychology, Music and Media Economics

• Diploma Lawyer (Universidad Buenos Aires UBA - approved as consultant for Germany). 

Focus: Copyright and media law (publishing and contract law)

• Certified Coach (QRC Association, according to ISO / IEC 17024)

• Systemic Coach (Certified BTA)

• Communication & Conflict Manager (Certified IFM)

• Master NLP (DVNLP certified)

• Certified Mediator (ZMMediaAusbV)

• Intercultural Manager (WSP TU-Berlin)

• Team Trainer (WSP TU-Berlin)

• Innovation Manager (according to VDI)

• Music Producer, Composer and Manager (Tango, World Music)

• Professional Speaker, Moderator, Journalist and Radio Producer (RBB, Multicult-FM)

• Shamanism (Core Shamanics after FSS, Mbya-Guarani and Celtic)